Organiseert u nu een presentatie, opening, personeelsfeest, huwelijk, bachelorfeest, poolparty,… Een ding staat vast, voor u moet het event ‘af’ zijn. Baroness helpt u dan ook graag verder om uw feestelijkheid tot een topper te maken.

Met enthousiasme en professionalisme realiseren we de barcatering die u verkiest. De verschillende thema’s vindt u hieronder. Mocht uw idee hier niet aan bod komen dan luisteren we graag naar uw vraag en beantwoorden deze met een brok creativiteit.

Bovendien staat gastvrijheid bij Baroness op de absolute nummer één. Waarom? Omdat u en ook wij willen dat elke gast zich welkom en vereerd voelt.

Gin & Tonic bar

Spoil your guests with an exclusive G&T bar that caresses your senses. The range of gins has expanded enormously in recent years. So Baroness will passionately provide an excellent and especially high-quality selection, finished off beautifully, paying close attention to all details. Enjoy this modern ‘gin craze’ with your guests and turn your event into a great experience.

Hawaiibar Tikibar

Aloha! Imagine yourself in tropical Hawaii with cocktails that highlight summer. Rum Cocktails like Zombies and Mai Tais are an absolute must for this happy feel-good bar. Bring the sun to your event and the party can begin!

Mojito bar

This Cuban invention conquered every corner of the world. The popularity of this cocktail has everything to do with its refreshing character and the beauty in the glass. With this concept, Baroness pays homage to the Mojito! We mix the most well-known and newest versions of this southern cocktail specially for you and your guests. Mmmm… Cheers!

Explosive Mixology

Innovative flavours achieved through innovative and crazy techniques. If you opt for the Explosive Mixology bar, you create an unforgettable moment through the visual power and passion generated by these cocktails. Cocktails with a smoky touch, cocktails with homemade foam, cocktails on fire, cocktails with the latest, literally unknown mixers.
In a word, cocktails that caress all senses and ensure your planned & scheduled activity is a huge success!

Vermout bar

It’s been known to the French, Italians, Argentineans and Chileans for a very long time. The hour for aperitifs in the sun, that must and will be experienced with vermouth. Elevate your event to a higher level with these delicious bittersweet drinks. Vermouth was hidden away in the back of the bartender’s cabinet for a long time, but it’s made a complete comeback. Baroness says santé, salud and cheers in advance!

80’s and 90’s

Most bartenders in cocktail country shudder at the thought of the 80s and 90s. These decades are not considered a low point in mixology for nothing. Fresh and good quality ingredients were at odds with ultra-colours in the craziest glasses. But who doesn’t love colourful, fruity and often sweet cocktails? Baroness steps before you into the car from Back to the Future and takes up the challenge. For your event, we create cocktails based entirely on these exuberant years in history. We scrap the preservatives and go all out for fresh and cheerful cocktails. Are you ready for a fantastic party?

Ladies’ cocktail

A meeting specifically intended for ladies? Cocktails go with that, specially mixed & shaken for ladies! A Cosmopolitan isn’t the only excellent icebreaker for a ladies night. Baroness shakes up a top menu of delicious cocktails for you and your guests that will leave you wanting more. Fashionable, feminine, tasteful and trendy. Turn it into a top meeting, one every woman dreams of!

Gentlemen’s club

A Whiskey Sour, Martini Dry… are typical cocktail hits for men. Are you looking for an evening where every man feels like he’s James Bond? If you are opt for this wonderful Gentlemen’s bar. Gentlemen, you can definitely deliver with this, rest assured, it’ll be a cool, delicious and particularly impressive event.


The Roaring Twenties and therefore the Alcohol Prohibition Era too, is a brilliant dimension you can use to give your festivity a little more punch. Brace yourself for the classiest cocktails and experience a night as the jetset from the olden days. Put on the tuxedos and chiffon dresses and dance the Charleston with a Gatsby cocktail in hand …

Classic cocktails

You are fond of the classics known and loved by everyone. During your party your guests can enjoy the well-known cocktails found in every type of cocktail bar. A Long Island Iced Tea and the Cosmo are just a couple of the famous drinks spotted on every cocktail menu. Prepare yourself for guests who are wildly enthusiastic about your event!

Belgian beer cocktails

Even though we sometimes forget, Belgian beers are notorious and famous throughout the world. With this catering proposal we like to intertwine our Belgian pride with the American cocktail culture. Amaze your guests with the possibilities our beer has to offer. From now onwards your home is where your beer cocktail is. Refreshing, thirst-quenching and progressive.

Party drinks

You have something to celebrate and that can last for hours. Certain cocktails such as long drinks are better suited to that type of festive occasion. These drinks are often ‘easier’ to drink because they are diluted with soft drinks, juices or soda. In short, you opt for thirst-quenchers that are party drinks. Let’s get this party started!

All in the mix

“Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas.”
You don’t really have a theme preference but you definitely want to surprise your guests with an excellent selection of stylish cocktails. Baroness provides you with a mix of modern cocktails designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Sweet, citrus, bitter, piquant, each preference is pampered to. Get ready for a wonderful event!

Halal cocktailbar

You as party planner want to impress your guests with excellent service, organisation and atmosphere. We help out there with passion and pleasure by providing an elegant selection of mocktails. Make your event a success with non-alcoholic cocktails that are enjoyed by everyone. Your activity, event, meeting will definitely be the ‘talk of the town’!


You organise a meeting that must radiate and be bursting with energy. Mocktails are the answer to this! Baroness shakes delicious and exclusive non-alcoholic cocktails for you and your guests. The creativity, class and delicious flavours of these cocktails help to make your activity an unforgettable event.

Allergens cocktail bar

You are a host or hostess who cares about his or her guests. That obviously doesn’t change if they are allergic to certain ingredients, on the contrary you go the ‘extra mile’ for them. With this cocktail we listen to your requirements and create fully customised cocktails. Does it concern a gluten, lactose, nut allergy or are your guests simply vegans? Let us know and we will put together an excellent cocktail menu for you!

Own choice

You have a specific menu in mind and you want this to be exquisitely prepared. We will use all of our energy and passion to realise this for you and your guests. We shake, stir, roll, mix, blend whatever you like. Tell us about it or write your idea down and before you know it we’ll get your party started!